Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose is a platoon-based realistic multiplayer first-person shooter for PC set during the Second World War, which had an official closed alpha release Friday the 13th around 10pm EDT. Currently only backers of the kickstart and short lived, (like me in the game), PayPal backer campaign can get in on the action.

Overall the launch was successful, the game feels smooth and very fluid. I play at 1440p on a GTX1080 paired with a 7700k CPU and my rig was running at minimal capacity compared to other early access games, and I had 80 to 100+ frames per second. The graphics look amazing and the sounds have been very well executed.

(all screenshots have been captured from in game)

The Black Matter team, opted to use the Unreal Engine 4 for their 100 multiplayer 50 vs 50 team based tactical game. Each team is comprised of platoons, and each platoon have roles that each player can choose from. To win (effectively) you must assume a role, and from the squad leader using binoculars and setting a forward operating post, to the support gunner placing ammo and supply crates, communication is key.  Every member of the platoon plays an important role to stay alive, capture sectors, and resources to overcome the enemy and win the war.

Even with the game looking amazing and being historically accurate with realistic weapons, we must realize that this is a closed alpha test and not without bugs or issues. The obvious elephant in the room was an issue with the in game VOIP, crossing over in between servers. There are things like not being able to reload your weapon until you have expended and entire magazine, no current option of to vault over objects, and bullet trajectory or travel speed felt off.  However, the devs are working hard and staying in constant contact via Discord, their own website forum, and other social media outlets.

In my opinion, this game has great potential to keep its community engaged and provide hours and hours of entertainment. Future plans include the addition of vehicles, other countries, more weapons, building systems, and different maps. Make sure to visit the website and keep your eye out for the upcoming beta testing and launch of the early access in the upcoming months.